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Retirement in Portugal

Retirement in the sun, by the sea in Portugal with a cost of living 35% lower.

PORTUGAL has become the number 1 host country for retirees in Europe!

Boost your purchasing power by 30-50% by saving your IRPP, CSG and CRDS.

The investment tax code approved by Decree Law 249/2009, of September 23, 2009 created the tax regime for Non-Habitual Residents (RNH) concerning personal income tax (IRS), with a view to attract non-resident professional experts to Portugal in high added value activities or in intellectual or industrial property, as well as beneficiaries of retirement pensions received abroad.

A very favorable tax system – Exemption from tax on income from activities and retirement pensions for 10 years – Exemption from the CSG and CRDS

Conditions to be met: – Reside in Portugal for at least 183 days / year – Not have been a tax resident in Portugal during the last 5 years

Portugal offers you: – A favorable real estate context – Transactions facilitated by a common currency: the Euro – A European and secure legal framework – Purchasing power increased by 30 to 50% – Modern hospital and medical infrastructures.

All without taxes with welcoming and frankly friendly people… Yes, it is possible by settling in Portugal, already nicknamed the little European Florida.

Here are just a few reasons among many to choose Portugal for your future retirement:

  • A pleasant climate all year round.
  • Only two hours from France.
  • With three international airports: Porto, Lisbon and Faro for the Algarve region.

Highly developed airlines to European capitals. For example in Faro, the capital of the Algarve, there are more than 10 daily connections to the major cities of the United Kingdom, thanks to tourism.

In view of the growing number of English-speakers settling in Portugal, more than 12,000 in 2014 alone, the strengthening of air links to north of Europe has already been programmed by several companies.

  • A well-made road infrastructure. Efficient and inexpensive internal links.
  • Cost of living 35% lower, OECD study.

For example: the minimum salary in Portugal is € 635 / month. With an average pension for a pensioner from the northern European countries, you will have a high standard of living in Portugal. An expatriation in Portugal makes it possible to compensate for the loss of income related to the retirement.

  • Full tax exemption for ten years from the first installation. The main condition to benefit from this advantageous regime is to reside at least 6 months per year in Portugal.

Please note, however, that this device is not valid for public service pensions.

  • In Portugal no ISF tax (the confiscatory tax of France).
  • The lowest crime rate in Europe, no more feeling of insecurity that many of us experience in France.
  • Real estate with attractive prices: for the price of an apartment on the French Riviera, you will have the opportunity to offer yourself a comfortable villa by the sea.
  • An already very large French-speaking community (around 40,000 French at the start of 2015).
  • The culture in Portugal is not much different from the rest of Europe. Your change of scenery will not be very important. The country is in the euro zone, no exchange rate risk.

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